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Eco Church is the Christian charity A Rocha UK's award scheme for churches in England and Wales. The Eco Church vision is for churches of all denominations to care for creation as an integral part of loving their neighbours and following God faithfully.

We are delighted that St Mark’s Church, Holbrook won a Silver Eco Church Award in 2018, in recognition of our efforts to care for God’s earth in each of these areas: worship and teaching, management of buildings and land, community and global engagement and lifestyle. We try to demonstrate love for our neighbour and care for God’s creation through every aspect of our church life, including:

  • worship, prayer and teaching about caring for creation
  • ensuring our church buildings do not damage the environment
  • managing church land to allow our wild neighbours to flourish
  • engaging with our community and the world on issues such as climate breakdown, pollution and species loss
  • encouraging our church family to care for God’s creation

St. Mark’s PCC has unanimously agreed to take St. Mark’s to net zero carbon emissions by 2030 and to recognise the current Climate and Ecological Emergency.

The Creation Care Scheme encourages households of all ages to make changes to care for God’s world, using an online questionnaire and ideas for next steps towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Creation Care Certificate from St. Mark’s.

Holbrook Community Orchard – join our team of church and community volunteers.

Together We Can Leaflet - Climate change can seem overwhelming but together we can do simple things to help the planet and reduce our bills.

5 ways you could help - Ideas of what you could do 

Further Information

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Climate Sunday section within St Mark's harvest service


Prayer for the climate

At a Café Praise service held at St Mark's we considered urgent prayer as a topic.  Those present collaboratively created a prayer for our current climate emergency which can be found here.

Five Marks of Mission sermon series

TREASURE - strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of earth.

A recording of the sermon and Eco Church presentation at St. Mark's on 17 July 2022.