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Giving is not just about money; in fact our annual stewardship appeal focuses more on time and talents than monetary gifts. We are blessed with wonderful teams of volunteers who work in so many areas of church life and we are grateful to everyone whose contributions enable our mission, ministry and worship to flourish. We encourage everyone to consider where they feel called to serve. As more people participate in the life of the church, the regularity with which everyone serves diminishes and our communal life is richer. Please contact the church office if you wish to serve the church in some way.

Most of the church’s income comes from the generous and sacrificial giving of its congregations. Giving financially is not in any way a requirement for those who attend St Mark’s, but we are grateful for the generous and committed giving from a wide range of people which allows the church to serve its community and support other charities.

Individuals can give by cash, cheque, give as you earn, charity cheque, QR code or bank transfer, either regularly or as a one-off. We encourage people to increase the value of their gift to the church through the Gift Aid scheme, which for eligible taxpayers adds 25p to each £1 given.

If you wish to give financially to the work of St Mark’s, please speak to our treasurer Mike Parry or contact him by email. Giving forms are available for download and printing at home below: