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9:45am Wednesdays - Morning Worship 

This is a long-established, more traditional midweek service with hymns, supported by approximately 25 people who appreciate the rich tradition and liturgy of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). The service is led by a Priest or Lay Reader. One Wednesday each month is a service of Holy Communion; all others are Morning Prayer. 

1:15pm Wednesday (once a month) - Mini-Mark's 

Mini-Mark's welcomes all babies, under-5s, parents, grandparents and carers, with all ages having fun exploring interactive Bible stories through play, craft, action songs, percussion and creative prayer activities. A range of toys and a baby play area are available, while a buffet lunch and homemade cakes are usually provided, although we are prevented from doing so at present. Check the church calendar for the latest dates and times.