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Our vision

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St Mark’s is a place for everyone, with a warm welcome assured, at our active and growing church which serves the communities of Holbrook and North Horsham. As the Parish Church of Holbrook, we are a community of people who love God and work together to grow in faith and knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the hope for all people and the source of new life; through loving service and generosity we seek to point the way to Him.

Knowing Christ and making Him known.

Our mission plan for the period to 2023 is to:
  • Be a community growing in awareness and passion for local and global needs, engaging with the wider church to play our part in God’s mission in the world. 
  • Develop the talents, gifts and experiences of all the church family, to bless and serve all who live, work, learn and play in our growing community. 
  • Create a feeling of belonging for everyone in our church community and our wider locality, through warm welcome and generous hospitality. 
  • Foster active discipleship to deepen individual spirituality and develop a passion for serving and seeking Christ. 
  • Be a community that seeks to reveal the love and salvation found in Jesus Christ in all we do.  
  • Work with All Saints, Roffey to build community in the new housing development and establish a new worshipping community to the north of the A264. 
  • Train and develop children’s/youth leaders and establish a fellowship of teachers who can support one another and disciple the children on their faith journey. 
  • Develop ministry for 16-25 year olds to enable young adults to flourish in discipleship and find their place of service within the Body of Christ. 
  • Develop our buildings and grounds to enhance worship, meet the growing needs of the community and enable the church to be used by all to its fullest potential.